«To Katun riverhead»
(To Belukha on horseback)
14 days




 1 day. Arrival. Acquaintance with tourist camping Itkaya. You are given instructions on safety precautions, and then you are trained on how to control a horse. Trial trip. Sauna. Supper.
 2 day Arrival to Kaytanak place. Preparations, allocation of products, horses, adjustment of equipment. You start the route along Katun river and arrive to Agafonikha place. Duration of a daily route is 4 hours
 4 hours
 3 day Rise on Zaychonok plateau covered with dwarf vegetation. This day you will see a valley of boulders, burnt Berendey forest, fords over small mountain "Dogy" rivers.
Duration of a daily route is 6 hours
 6 hours
 4 day Tikhinsky mountain pass. Rapid serpentinous road, wonderful view to a valley of a small river “Bolshaya” from height of the bird's flight. We cross a valley of Taymen lake (length 7 km, width 1,5 km, depth 80 m). View to the lake from Khariuzovsky mountain pass. Duration of a daily route is 4 hours
 5 day Day at the lake. Possible to fish. For extra pay it’s possible to visit State Katun Biosphere Nature Park where you can:
• Go by boats
• Make excursion to Solovukha waterfalls
• Visit sauna
 6 day Taymen lake – confluence of rivers Tyurgen and Katun. We go along the top of Katun ridge. On your way - rocky canyons, steep rises and descents, eternal snows. You spend a night among cedars close to a mouth of the river Tyurgen.
 7 day Tyurgen place – Kapchalsky Glacier. We go along Katun river. On our way – plenty of traces of wild animals (bears, marals, roes), some fords over small glacial rivers running into Katun river. You spend a night close to a mouth of the river Kapchal flowing out of a glacier.
 8 day Kapchal – base of Belukha. You will pass some fords over Katun river, and reach the target of the route – a waterfall «Rassypnoi» (15 m height). Katun springs from an icy cave of «Katunsky» glacier. The water at a riverhead of Katun is of a dairy color, as its bottom is covered with curative blue clay. Duration of a daily route is 3 hours  3 hours
 9 day Semi-halting day. Base of Belukha – Chandyr river. Color of Katun is changing little by little: from dairy to as clear as crystal. Duration of a daily route is 4 hours 4 hours
 10 day Chandyr river – Tyurgen river. You go across a dense fur-tree taiga along Katun river.
 11 day Tyurgen river – mouth of Ozernaya river that springs from Taymen lake and flows into Katun river. You will pass through the Alpine meadows which blossom almost all the summer long, you will see the most picturesque place of Katun flood bed. 
 12 day Ozernaya river – Kozlushka place. Sauna. You have a rest. It’s possible to buy “Medovukha” and the most useful and odorous high-mountainous honey.

 13 day Kozlushka place – Kaytanak place. Departure to Itkaya.  
 14 day Departure to Barnaul or Novosibirsk on scheduled busses. (Possible to order taxi).  


Cost: 28,000 Rub/person

Number of tourists in one group: over 3 tourists. Children over 10 years old are to be accompanied with adults.

You should obligatory have with you: sport trousers (no shorts!!!), training shoes or any high shoes (better rubber ones), warm clothing, long-sleeved overclothes, remedies from ticks, mosquitoes, flies; fishing equipment (with short rods), torches.

• inner travels within the route;
• 2-3 meals per day,
• 2 saunas,
• special and camping equipment;
• service of guides
• insurance

Schedule: 09.07; 23.07; 06.08
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