A tourist's instructions for active routes
statyi_1.jpg   A tourist's instructions for active routes

So, you’ve decided to travel on horseback across the mountainous Altai. There’s no doubt that you will be truly and pleasantly impressed. Please read the following before you start your journey to avoid any extra bother and disappointment with the route:

General information

- Services included in the price of the route are listed in the description of each active tour. Please pay attention to this.

- Services offered at the base camps and not included in the programme are to be paid additionally.

- A tourist must have: ID (passport is a must!), warm clothes, headwear, two pairs of hiking footwear, slippers or sandshoes, two sets of sports garments and shoes, sunglasses, windbreaker, umbrella or similar item, personal hygiene kit, flashlight with exchangeable extra batteries. Don't forget to take a photo or video camera— what you see here is worth fixing in your memory.


- Tourists are asked to hand over all things which are not needed during the ride to the travel agency's representative for storage.


- Weather conditions in the travel area are diverse. The average temperature in summer varies from +10 to +34 C0.


- For the entire route, three meals a day are provided except for the first (dinner, supper) and the last day. The firm’s service personnel or the tourists themselves, guided by the instructor, provide catering. Please consult the section "The price includes…" Food is prepared on the fire. Menu items en route: preserved food, cereals, pasta, tea, coffee, butter, confectionery, etc (bag lunch may substitute for hot lunch).


- On the route 2/3/4-person tents, or hunter's huts, will provide accommodation in cold weather. Outside of this, tourists are provided with group or special equipment (sleeping-bags, mats).


- The tourists themselves, guided by the instructor, arrange bivouacs (pitching tents, wood collection, fixing a campfire, etc).


- Age limitations are specified in route descriptions


- Medical care: standard ambulance box; each tourist is insured with included voluntary health insurance that provides for medical services. Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is desirable. The routes are not recommended for those who need permanent medical supervision.


- The programme of any route may be slightly altered for objective reasons.


- Every participant must meet safety regulations and follow the instructor's commands.


- The routes pass through scarcely populated and entirely uninhabited areas, lacking civilisation conveniences, so a tourist must be prepared for travel hardships related to riding, hiking and camping conditions and bad weather.


- A tourist on horseback routes must have:
Apart from things indicated in the General Information Section: high boots made of leather, rubber, or kersey. It is important that they are waterproof and protect the calf from rubbing against the strap (stirrup leather); suitable clothes for riding, trousers made of dense soft fabric; gloves (ordinary), since calluses can often develop on unseasoned hands; windbreaker.


- Rain protection should not be bright or rustling so as not to frighten the horses.


- Warm clothes are a must since the routes pass at high elevations, with cold spells and snowfall.


- Personal items should be packed in plastic bags


- Things, foodstuffs and equipment are carried in special saddlebags (archimaks).


- 1 to 2 instructors and 1 to 2 horse-keepers accompany the group.


- On steep slopes, rock streams, snowy, swampy and obstructed areas, the horses are led by the reins. Therefore, the tourist must be physically fit for these passages.
The tourist travelling on horseback must be aware that the horse in trekking is not only a means of transport and load transit, but also a friend who needs handling with extra care. Galloping during the journey is excluded.

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