Route «From Chemal to Belukha on horseback»
16 days

White fogs like felt creeping down from the mountains to silent narrows…
It is a restless taiga that gives you courage, freedom, hunger for life…

Requirements: the route is designed for the experienced tourists having experience of long horse trips, being in good physical form and having high mental endurance.


 Schedule   Distance
 1-st day.
Arrival to the tourist camping "Itkaya" crossing the Katun river by 6-seater boat. During this day you will become acquainted with your horse, get complete information about safety precautions, driving and seddling a horse. After that you will make a trial trip and adjust ammunition. In the evening you will be waited with a hot Russian bath facing an icy Blue lake where you can swim if you wish. Supper.
 2-nd day.
Start a route. Almost immediately you will overcome the Bertka notch. You spend a night on a shore of Apshuyukhta river.
27 km
5,5 hours
 3-d day.
We go from inflow of Apshuyukhta river along Katun up to Kaspa place and spend a night ashore Katun close to inflow of Kaspa river.
24 km
4,5 hours
4-th day.
Kaspa river – Kuyus waterfall – Nameless stream.
Huge cascade waterfalls, picturesque track over rocks along Katun, a road cut through in a rock by prisoners of Stalin times. You spend a night next to a mountain spring with crystal water.
29 km
5,5 hours
 5-th day.
Nameless stream – lower reach of Ursul river.
You will see a valley of the boulder stones left by the slipped glacier. From time to time a track again comes back to incompleted road, - passes in the rocks of flagstone and marble cut through by hundreds hands. The suspension bridge in the area of Kayancha causes a storm of emotions: you start to respect your horses who calmly go over boards at height of 25 meters above the raging Katun. Before Ursul the track passes over a stone talus: 250 meters of continuous adrenaline. Goodbuy, Katun, - we turn up hill along the river Ursul flowing along narrow rocky canyon. First the track passes above Ursul at height of the bird's flight, then - descent and spending the night ashore the river under a roar of a raging stream.
32 km
6 hours
 6-th day.
Ursul river – Top of a mountain ridge of Chike-Taman pass.
You continue to go along Ursul river. In area of the deserted village – a ford to the other bank of the river, then long rise to the top of 1700 meters above sea level. From here you can see Terektinsky and Aigulaksky ridges. You spend a night on a high-mountainous glade next to a left hunting lodge. At this place there is a cellular communication: Biline and MTS. You can contact your house.
15 km
4 hours
 7-th day.
Top of Chicke – Taman ridge – place of abandoned little roe deer at the Kupchegen’ river head
Descent to Chuisky highway, again a ford through the rough river Ilgumen. You start to move to Terektinsky ridge along the river Kupchegen. The road going along a mountain valley narrows little by little and becomes stony. You spend a night in cedar forest at the edge of a forest glade. The height is felt: nights become colder and colder.
20 km
5 hours
 8-th day.
Kupchegen’ river head – shore of Bolshoi Yaloman river.
We cross a pass of 2000 m above sea level. In all its beauty Terektinsky ridge opens completely covered by snow. Everywhere there are dwarf arctic birches, and even cedars close to the pass are undersized and curved. The stony ground is soaked with water and covered by a multi-coloured flower carpet. The roar of the river Bolshoi Yaloman is audible from a distance. White foamy crests of waves with a roar beat against the coastal stones. The track passes through heaps of boulders and steep rocks. You spend a night on a glade next to the river.
16 km
5 hours
 9-th day.
Bolshoi Yaloman river – Top of Chicke – Taman ridge, Toguskel place (Please of Nine lakes).
Having waded the Bolshoi Yaloman river you enter the fantastic world of an impassable Berendeevsky forest. You start a rise along the Terektinsky ridge. The wild footless taiga, the ground is covered by a thick layer of a moss which suppresses all extraneous sounds. It smells of dampness and pine needles. On a way there are taiga lakes. But here trees become lower and, at last, disappear absolutely: we rise on bald mountain (the stones covered by small mosses and lichens). In front of you - the valley of nine lakes and boundless impassable taiga. Pearly water of these lakes gives rise to endless small rivers and streamlets. You go downwards to a place of spending the night on the coast of one of the streams at height of 1900 meters above sea level - the highest and coldest.
14 km
5 hours
 10-th day.
Toguskel place – Malaya Katanda river head.
After spending the night you rise on bald mountain again. Around you – covered with snow tops of Terektinsky ridge, and in a distance - glaciers of Katun ridge (in cloudless weather). Now you descent to Uymon valley. The river Malaya Katanda is rapid and cold. Cedar forest is replaced by larches. You spend a night on a glade next to the river.
22 km
5 hours
 11-th day.
Malaya Katanda river head – Tourist camping «Tyungur».
You continue descending to Uymon valley by the road of the commander of Red Army Dolgikh. Ahead – a heart of the Mountain Altai Belukha mountain of 4 506 meters height. At the tourist camping of Tyungur you are waited with Russian banya, a supper in a restaurant and rest in small summer houses and Altai yurts.
21 km
6 hours
12-th day. Tourist camping «Tyungur» - meadow close to Kara-Terek.
In the morning you have a breakfast at the restaurant and say “good-buy” to civilization. A path goes along Kucherla river. Flat meadows are changed with steep rocky cliffs over a rough river. The mountains around are higher and more arduous. You can meet many footsteps of wild animals: roe deers, wild boars and bears. You spend a night on the meadow next to the spring.

18 km
4 hours
13-th day. The meadow next to the spring – small ravine next to a stone house. Going uphill to Kara-Terek mountain pass. Only stones are under the horses’ legs. You can find a Golden Root – it is a plant listed in Red Book. You spend a night in a ravine to feed the horses. 14 km
4 hours
14-th day. Stone house – Kara – Terek mountain pass – Kucherla lake. A culmination moment of the trip: scenic viewpoint of Kara – Terek. From here you can see Belukha and its «guards», Akkemskoye lake and Akkem glacier. Breathtaking view! You can make photos, talk by phone in case you have Beeline network and complete all your pockets with “memorable” souvenirs – local stones. Descent to the lake is hard and long, but the scenery worth it: turquois water surrounded by magnificent mountains. Length of the lake is 7 km, depth – 60 meters. There is trout and grayling. You spend a night beside the lake. 20 km
6 hours
15-th day. Day beside the lake. Dinner at the restaurant. «Kucherla» camping offers a national cuisine to its guests. For some extra money you can have plenty of services – plant baths, massage, water excursions, catamaran, boat and a sauna with a swimming pool.  
16-th day. Kucherla lake – «Tyungur» camping. The horses are gaily running home. Soon the end of the tour, it is pity to leave. At the camping in Tyungur village you can have a rest, freshen yourselves and your thoughts up, visit sauna and in the evening in restaurant you can commemorate finish of the tour. 42 km
7 hours
17-th day. Travel by car. Tyungur – "Itkaya". Breakfast is served at the restaurant of «Tyungur» camping. At "Itkaya" a hot sauna beside the lake and supper is waiting for you. 435 km
7 hours
18-th day. 18-й day – departure day. It is possible to order taxi to Barnaul or Novosibirsk.  
!!! Note: On 24.06., 27.07., 30.08. there will be opposite routs, i.e. on the second day you will be transferred from Chemal to Tyungur by car. You start the route from Tyungur vallage («Tyungur» camping), finishing the route at "Itkaya" camping. Then you will be delivered to Chemal.

You should obligatory have with you: sport trousers (not shorts!!!), training shoes or any high shoes (better rubber ones), warm clothing, long-sleeved overclothes.

Cost: 32000 Rub/person
Cost of discount programme: 25000 Rub/person
- inner travels within the trip;
- meal 3 times per day;
- sauna 3 times;
– camping equipment and special ammunition;
- 5 meals in restoran

Schedule for 2010:
July: 20
August : 3

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