«To Bystrushinsky spire»
Fishing tour
11 days

 Schedule Distance
 1 day.
Arrival. Acquaintance with tourist camping Itkaya. You are given instructions on safety precautions, and then you are trained on how to control a horse. Trial trip. Sauna. Supper.
 2 day.
Arrival to Kaytanak.
Preparations, allocation of products, horses, adjustment of equipment. You start the route: Kaytanak village – Palamoshka place. You go along the left shore of Katun river. On your way – fields, taiga, cliffs above Katun (of 1939 m high), the Alpine meadows. You spend a night in tents or if you wish in a hunting hut close to numerous grassing herds of wild horses.
 3 day.
Palamoshka place – Zolotoi waterfall.
Descenting to Biryuksa river, passing a ford, rising along Mikhailovka gully. On your way - wild deserted taiga that alternates with blossoming Alpine meadows. A dinner at Sukhaya river. Rise up to Tamerlan mountain, the top of which is covered with snow all year round. In a good weather in this place it is possible to see all three tops of Belukha mountain. Descent to Zolotoi waterfall (12м). Overnight stop.
 4 day.
Zolotoi waterfall – Bystrushinskoe lake.
Rise along Bystruhka river across a deep taiga to Bystrushinskoe plateau. You go by the paths of hunters and animals, even you can possibly meet some animals. On the plateau there is a plenty of lakes teeming a fish.
 5,6,7 days.
Day at the lake.
Perfect fishing on grayling is waiting for you. If you wish you can make radial trips on horseback to numerous lakes and stone steps.
 8,9,10 days. Way back.  
 11 day. Departure.  

You should obligatory have with you: sport trousers (no shorts!!!), training shoes or any high shoes (better rubber ones), warm clothing, long-sleeved overclothes, remedies from ticks, mosquitoes, flies; fishing equipment (with short rods), torches.

Cost: 25,000 Rub/person

• inner travels within the route;
• 2-3 meals per day,
• 2 saunas,
• special and camping equipment;
• service of guides
• insurance

Schedule: We except group orders for 3 - 12 tourists.

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