Route «To the Tuyukh lakes»
8 days – 137 km

The only possibility to see the lakes that are unique in its primeval beauty and geographic location, and wild musk oxes that grass quietly in a valley!

Requirements: Route is for relatively physically strong tourists better having some little experience in horse riding.

 Schedule  Distance
 1st day. Arrival to Chemal village. We will meet you and transfer to the tourist camping "Itkaya" crossing the Katun river by 6-seater boat.
During this day you will become acquainted with your horse, get complete information about safety precautions, driving and seddling a horse. After that you will make a trial trip and adjust ammunition. In the evening you will be waited with a hot Russian bath facing an icy Blue lake where you can swim if you wish.
You spend a night in 4-seater campings.
 2d day. Start a route. Almost immediately you will overcome the Bertka notch where the beauty Katun can be observed from height of the bird's flight. As well well you have possibility to admire Katun close to it. Your way runs along Katun valley then you ford Bertka, Bulukhta, raise along Apshuyakhta river up to Serpek narrow. During this first day you will learn character of your horse and as well with surprise you discover yourself finding the abilities that have been not demanded before. You spend a night in 3-seater tents in outlandish Serpek narrow beside a spring. 24 km,
4 hours
 3d day. We raise along an inflow of Katun – Apshuyakhta river, higher and higher. The gorge sufficiently differs from the places located next to Katun: skerries, a lot of grottoes, pines are replaced with larches. The track winds above the river then goes over it, and again… We pass Apshuyakhta village. You can see small streams of smoke coming out of Altai houses’ chimneys, people here basically live on subsistence farming. Then we overcome a notch, down to a valley of the Tytkyzken river. You spend a night in riverheads of the Tytkyzken river. 22 km,
4 hours
 4th day. You start a long raise up to the Tuyuk plateau. Your track runs through deep cedar forests. You spend a night at a deserted glade. After supper – a fire under the legends about Altai. 18 km,
3,5 hours

 5th day. Radial trip - here cedars become smaller and smaller gradually changing with dwarfish vegetation. On the top of a plateau a magnificent view of the Sarlyk mountain (2,507m) greet you. Being a part of Seminsky mountain ridge it, looking like a sleeping animal, towers in the distance. Its walls are plumb and the waterfalls as silver strings fallin down to the Tujukskie lakes that surround the mountain. This plateau is a favourite pasture of yaks. You as well can get acquainted with them more close. An excellent panorama of Katun and Seminsky ridges, endless cedar forests as far as the eye can reach… Now you are already a perfect horse rider and under responsive management of the instructor and the guide that became already like relatives to you, you feel confident among this wild and deserted beauty. 15 km,
3 hours
 6th day.
You start descending from Seminsky ridge. Horse bags are almost empty and the horses trippingly run along a flat Apshuyakhta valley. Today you can check your skills achieved in horse riding. You spend a night at the top of Bulukhta giving you an overview of the Katun valley.
30 km,
5 hours 
7th day.
Descending along a gorge IchTayah to the Bertka river. And again a deaf gorge, again boulder streams and stones under horses’ legs. It seems that the rocks join soon closing the only way. Again 22 fords of the Bertka river, a notch and finally you are in the camp.
You are waited with a hot sauna. In the evening a farewell fire. You spend a night in small cottages.
18 km,
3,5 hours
8th day. Breakfast. Departure to bus station.  

Total distance 137 km
Maximum level above sea up to 2,200 – 2,400 m
Number of tourists in the group - over 6 persons.
Day routes up to 3-5 hours
Group is accompanied by 1 instructor, 1 guide.

You should obligatory have with you: sport trousers (not shorts!!!), training shoes or any high shoes (better rubber ones), warm clothing, long-sleeved overclothes.

Cost : 14 900 Rub/person

- inner travels within the trip;
- meal 3 times per day;
- 2 times sauna;
- camping equipment and special ammunition;
- service of guides;
- insurance

Schedule for 2010:  
June - 11, 18, 25
July - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
August - 6, 13, 20, 27

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