The tourist camping "Itkaya" offers a wide range of horse excursions and routes
from 4 hours up to 16 days.

Horse excursions

«A way of Sartakhpay arrow» 4 hours - 10 km
For those who wishes to receive a great deal of impressions over a short time, at that any special physical skills are not required!

«Down the taiga tracks of hunters» 8 hours – 25 km
For those who wishes to estimate power and beauty of the Altai mountains! The route runs deep in a virgin taiga on the left shore of the Katun river where there are no roads, villages and any traces of a civilization.

Horse routes from 3 to 16 days

"Weekend in taiga" weekend route 3 days – 60 km
Ideal for those who would like to turn aside from city fuss and not waiting for holidays to spend a couple of days off with the company of friends or to find the new ones!

«To Emurla waterfall» 8 days – 110 km
Mountains, horses, tents, strong men and fragile women – an ideal atmosphere for a high-grade rest, finding a true friendship and romantic relations!

«To the Tuyukh lakes» 8 days – 137 km
The only possibility to see the lakes that are unique in its primeval beauty and geographic location, and wild musk oxes that grass quietly in a valley!

Route «Down Altai on horseback and down the river» 7 days
We give you possibility over one week to make a fantastic rafting down Nizhnyaya Katun and explore mountain paths on horseback. It is one of the most popular combinations of outdoor activities. On your way you will meet many springs and small rivers with the purest and sometimes the coldest water. You will observe picturesque panoramas of mountain ridges, cave paintings and, of course, you will get acquainted with a great Katun river, coming from the highest Siberian mountain - Belukha.

«To Bystrushinsky spire» 11 days

Route «Edigan - Teletskoe» 15 days
Mountain have always been a symbol of greatness of human Spirit, symbol of Beauty, symbol of conation to perfection. This route is mostly suitable for experienced in horse riding tourists who desire to cover much of the grounds for sake of exploring new untouched corners of Altai. On this route you will see sparsely visited mountain lakes, reach great mountain ridges, go along restless rapid rivers, and finally get acquainted with a great Teletskoe Lake.

"Big Journey Across the Altai” Route 14 days
Rafting through the Middle Katun + Horseback Journey This journey is more suitable for tourists who are ready to abandon the conveniences of civilisation for adventures in the mountains and on a turbulent river. You will see real mountain taiga, have a ride on horseback, and enjoy conquering the wild domain of water.

«From Chemal to Belukha on horseback» 16 days
Super novelty of the season!!!
White fogs like felt creeping down from the mountains to silent narrows…
It is a restless taiga that gives you courage, freedom, hunger for life…

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Route «From Chemal to Belukha on horseback»
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Route «To the Tuyukh lakes»
Route «To Emurla waterfall»
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